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大​欖燒烤 (屯門)

「大欖燒烤 TLCBBQ」 位於屯門大欖涌村,開業於2003年,至今已經踏入第二十年,致力提供高質素燒烤食品及場地,同場更設有升級版的「港式燒烤+海鮮放題」及「燒烤小屋」,令大家有多元化的燒烤體驗。

"Tai Lam Charcoal BBQ TLCBBQ" is located in Tai Lam Chung Village, Tuen Mun. It has been in operation since 2003, marking its twentieth year. The restaurant is dedicated to providing high-quality barbecue food and a great dining environment. In addition to the traditional barbecue offerings, they also offer an upgraded version of "Hong Kong-style Barbecue + Seafood Buffet" and a "Barbecue House," providing customers with a diverse barbecue experience.



Good Enviroment


TLCBBQ has transformed the traditional image of a simple barbecue venue. TLCBBQ keeps up with the times and constantly improves the quality of the venue, aiming to provide a great barbecue environment for guests. Each table is also assigned a separate tent, providing ample space and privacy for customers.

Oversized barbecue tables

TLCBBQ 特設獨家特大燒烤枱,讓每位客人都可以更舒適地圍爐燒烤,燒烤、用餐、談天同時進行。

TLCBBQ features exclusive oversized barbecue tables, designed to provide a more comfortable experience for each guest to gather around the grill. This allows for the simultaneous enjoyment of barbecuing, dining, and engaging in conversation.

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星期二至五 TUESDAY - FRIDAY 14:00 - 22:30 

星期六 SATURDAY 13:00 - 23:00

星期日 SUNDAY 13:00 - 23:00


屯門大涌村 385 地段 263 號

DD 365 LOT 263 Tai Lam Chung Village Tuen Mun

查詢電話 Enquiry Number

2613 1811 / 9299 0350 (WhatsApp)

(18:00 - 20:00 繁忙時間請耐心等候)




​Premium Ingredients

TLCBBQ 亦非常著重食物的質素,燒烤食物由自家工場新鮮醃製,用料上乘而且調味恰到好處,並以乾淨整潔的環境提供美味食材,多年獲得顧客的好評和信任。

TLCBBQ also places great emphasis on the quality of food. Their barbecued food is freshly marinated in their own factory, using premium ingredients and perfectly balanced seasonings. They provide delicious ingredients in a clean and tidy environment, which has earned them high praise and trust from customers over the years.

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