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會員登記|Members Registration

收集個人資料聲明 Personal Information Collection Statement

收集個人資料的用途 Purpose of Collection



TLCBBQ may use the personal data held by us for the supply of services to you and any directly related purposes. TLCBBQ may also use such personal data:

提供閣下要求的服務及貨品 to supply you with services and goods you requested

  • 回覆及跟進閣下的查詢  to respond to and follow up on your enquiries

  • 處理訂座及付款 to process table and room reservations and payments 

  • 進行客戶調查 to conduct customer surveys

  • 進行研究及統計分析 to conduct research and perform statistical analysis

  • 進行直接促銷活動 to conduct direct marketing activities


除非我們已就該資料項目表明你可選擇是否提供,你必須提供你的個人資料。 若缺少你的個人資料,我們可能無法向你提供所需的服務、設施及貨品。

Please note that you are required to provide your personal data, other than those items indicated as optional. In the absence of your personal data, we may not be able to provide you with services, facilities or goods you require.


個人資料的轉移 Transfer of Personal Data



Personal data you provided is only used by TLCBBQ, your personal data will not be transferred to the third party.


By joining the membership programme, I have read and agree Personal Information Collection Statement.


Please add the check mark in the box.

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